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Open my eyes, Lord
that I may see
wonderous things
in your Word.


Core Values

A church is much more than just a menu of rituals and printed statements of belief. A church is a forever family. It is a living and breathing organism. Beliefs and rituals are means of caring for one another and communicating with the community. At the heart and soul of this family is a vision. Vision represents our glue. We envision a church where individuals are continually in a process of spiritual rebirth. We do not create a church. Only divine intelligence can birth a living community of soul people. We simply get out of his way. 

GRACE ALONE!  God's love is for all. In the midst of our struggles, individual weaknesses and stupid blunders, His love is constant. Being worthy has nothing to do with it. Father Creator sent His son Jesus, into your world to save, to redeem and to restore.

FAITH ALONE! In His passion at the cross, Jesus secured the gift of forgiveness and eternal life for you. The Gospel announces the great victory over sin. The work of Christ is finished. Complete. Irreversible. Now, all that remains, is for you and I to accept this awesome gift. 

SCRIPTURE ALONE! The Bible is God’s Word for abundant living. The Bible is uniquely inspired. It is a guide for faith and is the source that provides a norm for Christian beliefs.

March 24, 1973, twelve families discussed the vision of a new Lutheran church in the Pomona Lakes area of Arvada. The first worship service was June, 1973. The cornerstone for the sanctuary was laid in 1974. 
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