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Church attendance does not define your spiritual health. It is just something that describes you.
You may be active in a church. You may be in between churches. You may have been turned off to church. But whether you call yourself religious or spiritual, King of Kings sees individal spirituality as a key to essential health.
Affordable health care is a heated debate. Who can afford it? At King of Kings, we see you as a soul with a body. Not a just body with a soul. Health and vitality incorporate both body and soul. And soul care is affordable for everyone.
Everyone dreams of transcending their ordinary. Everyone wants to escape shame, guilt and fear. Secure love, develope inner peace and find a life of purpose; this is one quest that unites all people. Each one of us, in our own way, crave to move onward by constantly moving upward.   
At King of Kings, we offer care for your spiritual crave.
If you are looking for the status quo, if you want glittery sermons, mindless rituals and a kind of fast food drive through religious experience, we might not be what you are looking for. 
If you are looking for a divine encounter with Jesus Christ, and if you do not feel that you are being fed where you are at present, then come and see King of Kings.
In our story, we found that it was divine grace that was the key that unlocked the mystery of our lives. To us, divine grace is not an idea or a concept. Divine grace is a life transforming experience. It is a gift. You don't work for it. You simply open your heart, and accept it.
Divine grace is the foundation of true health.
You are invited to come and hear our story. We don't care if you are Lutheran or not. We don't care if you are churched, in between churches, or if you are turned off to organized religion.
Just come. Hear our story.
And tell us yours...
1. You thought you knew the way. You thought you had a plan. You thought that you were in control. Sooner or later, things fall apart. The unexpected. The unwanted. The broken dream. Hitting bottom was the best thing that ever happened to you. 
3. Embrace the power of the Gospel. All the while you were building your little kingdom, God knew you would fail. He waited till the time was right. He used your pain to lead you back home to his love. All is forgiven.
2. Being in control is an illusion of the ego. The simple child like moment, in the midst of pain and choas, is where the act of surrender ocurrs. Surrender to God. Letting go of self.  
4. There is an audience for your story. You meet them everyday. You speak with authority because you have lived your story of gain through all lose. Be God's storyteller. 

We are storytellers of grace and transformation. Our stories are living blueprints for others to see and use. We heal, one story at a time. 

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