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We Are People of The Crave
A personal encounter with Jesus Christ transforms the mind and renews the heart. People of crave seek vital new encounters with his presence. Join us on our journey. Discover the genius of his teachings. 
8:00 AM
Classic Liturgical Worship
9:30 AM
Bible Study
10:45 AM

Modern Cornerstone Worship

There is a hunger in our community. The restlessness in the heart is evident in so many different behaviors. People want to know if God is real. They hunger to see evidence of his presence and power in their lives. A spiritual discontent is walking the streets in every neighborhood. King of Kings wants to be the church for the spiritually discontent. People crave to see God in ordinary moments of life. Here is a church that embraces your crave. We celebrate your crave. Our message to the spiritually discontent in our community is "Welcome to your new home." 

Life is journey. Story is soul. You are not a problem to be fixed. Just a story to be told. 
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